Vicenza and montecchio



Romeo and Giuliet’s castles

“La Rotonda” Villa

The Berici Hills

Montecchio Maggiore is beautiful and also quite famous for the presence of two peculiar castles. Legends say they were the homes of Romeo and Giuliet, the two worldwide famous lovers whose story is narrated by William Shakespeare. Both sites are full of history and mystery, and are surrounded by breath-taking views perfect for walking and relaxing surrounded by nature.

In our city, besides the castles, there are many more things to see. We are at 10 minutes from Vicenza and we are in a much more central position than Verona, Padua and Venice.

If your destination is the beautiful Vicenza, San Marco Hotel is the perfect place: it’s located just a few minutes drive on the highway from the city and from the most famous Palladio’s Villas.

palladio's villas

ART and culture

While you are in Montecchio Maggiore, you can’t miss visiting the ‘Cordellina Lombardi’ Villa and the ‘Lorenzoni’ Villa. The first one is a classical example of Palladio’s architectural style, it hosts frescos by Giambattista Tiepolo and its gardens are elegant and magnificent.

“Lorenzoni” Villa it’s a neoclassical building that became the “Giuseppe Zannato” Civic Museum. The archaeological exposition shows visitors many naturalistic and historical aspects, with the help of several palaeontological finds that come from the many sites of our territory.


In Montecchio Maggiore you’ll have a hard time deciding what to visit, but it will be even harder choosing what to eat because of the many specialties that our land has to offer. The enogastronomic culture of the region is expressed in many local events dedicated to food, like “Distillerie Aperte” or the “Strada del Recioto di Gambellarawhere you will be able to discover and taste the best wines in Veneto.

Between the many goodness we can’t avoid to mention the “Sopressa vicentina”, a delicious kind of salami that, together with local cheeses, completes the framework of a perfect holiday in Montecchio Maggiore.